Семья - это самое важно в жизни

Семья - это самое важно в жизни
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Family is the most important thing in life
Every person throughout his / her life forms his / her own concept of values, both social and personal. But invariably - the notion of "family" assesses every. Only the realization of this does not happen at all and not at once. It depends, first of all, on those family traditions which are put from the moment of birth, are brought up and transferred from generation to generation in each family. Only experience, unfortunately, is different. The most important and valuable thing in life is a family! First, the one in which man is born and then created by himself.
When a child comes out of the womb, he first sees his parents and then spends most of his time with his family until he goes to kindergarten and then to school. These 3 or 4 years are very important for children to learn some basic habits from parents, sisters or brothers. In fact, during the first 3 years, your child's brain triples in weight and establishes about 1,000 trillion nerve connections. So during this period, the child learns a lot from the family.
None of the parents is not going to teach their child bad habits. The child learns habits and discipline only from parents. And this is one of the main reasons why family is an important part of our lives.
Family is with us in any situation. This is one of the benefits of family and none of us will ever realize at once. We can have many friends or relatives. They will definitely be with us in our happy times or under any achievements. But, our parents, brothers, sisters are the only ones who will be with us through difficult periods of life. Our parents are the only ones who understand us much more than any other person in the world. Because they are our creators, they are only our traveling through of life with us from the beginning. Therefore, they understand our feelings and are always with us, especially when we need someone's support. It's family.
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